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SPENCER® Dolphin Universal Linear Lifebuoy

by Spencer
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SKU DY32500

SPENCER® Dolphin Universal Linear Lifebuoy.

The Dolphin is a universal linear life buoy used as a buoyancy aid for casualties during water rescue. By placing around the casualties abdomen, it allows floating in the supine position with the face-up. Adaptable to rescue casualties of any size.

A built-in face mask on the SPENCER® Dolphin allows for the option to carry out primary resuscitation procedures if needed.

The SPENCER® Dolphin is an extremely versatile and robust life buoy, the integrated 2.2m tow strap on the main body allows for casualties to be securely pulled away to safety during rescue operations on the water.

Fundamental functions:

  • It can be wrapped around the casualty for water rescue
  • It provides emergency resuscitation thanks to the built-in mask stored in its own housing on the device
  • Space for fin storage

The wave-shape of the SPENCER® Dolphin ensures a firm grip whilst remaining flexible and well balanced by distributing weight evenly - even when in the water.

High performance with comfort in mind when placing around the casualty's body. Highly versatile with large shoulder straps to allows for easier transport whilst giving extra comfort to the rescuer.


  • Built-in face mask for primary resuscitation procedures
  • Ideal for casualty rescue and recovery on the water
  • Highly versatile and robust buoyancy aid
  • Allows for floating in the supine position with the face-up
  • Integrated 2.2m tow strap to pull casualties to safety
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Easy to keep clean and hygienic
  • Adaptable to rescue casualties of any size
  • Metal carabiner and closure rings
  • Versatile grab points to ensure a firm grip
  • Resistant and robust strap system
  • Ideal for rescue operations on the water, from the sea to rivers
  • Class I Medical Device according to Directive 93/42/CEE
  • CE marked

Technical information:

  • Main body dimensions: 1200x175x85 ± 10 mm
  • Tow strap length: 2200mm
  • Shoulder strap length: 30mm/50mm
  • Material: PE esp, Nylon
  • Weight: 2,1 ± 0,1 kg
  • Minimum buoyancy force: 100N