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Track any walk precisely

The Walking style IV uses a highly accurate 3D sensor to help you track your steps and how many calories you burn. It automatically detects your active, brisk steps from your normal walking routine. Next to that it comes with an 'action' mode that allows you to track a particular activity or time separately from your normal daily routine.


  • Calories Burned. Knowing your additional energy consumption as a result of your daily activities. 
  • Action Mode. Stores the measurement values for a specific walking event. The measurement values are separately displayed to the measurement values stored for each day. 
  • Distance. Records how far you have gone. 
  • Clock included. 24 hour clock is included. 
  • Brisk steps. Brisk steps are counted separately when walking more than 60 steps per minute and more than 10 minutes. 
  • 3D sensor. 3D Accelerometer Sensor. Detects movements in three directions. 
  • Daily steps. Steps taken during the day. 
  • Memory. Keep track of your data.
  • Omron product number: HJ-325-EBK