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♥ Free Laser Engraving | Free Same Day Dispatch ♥

Nilaqua No Rinse Shampoo is the amazing new way to get fresh clean hair without using water! It wets your hair like a traditional shampoo and cleans without leaving any streaks or sticky residues.

  • It’s mild non-irritating formula leaves hair beautifully soft and clean.
  • Paraben free and pH balanced.

Nilaqua’s range of towel off bathing products allow you to wash safely and effectively without using any water whatsoever! This range of no rinse liquid soaps and shampoo’s leave your body clean and fresh from head-to-toe

Nilaqua is used in many hospitals and care homes and for those who find it difficult to bath e.g. after an operation, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, MS, palliative care, elderly and disabled

Nilaqua has many uses: e.g. for busy lifestyles to freshen up between washes or when there is a lack of water, for example travelling, festivals, camping, hiking, yachting, truckers etc. Many festival goers prefer to wash from the comfort and privacy of their tent, rather than queuing up for showers and missing bands.

To use simply apply the liquid directly tot he area, massage to release dirt and grease then remove by thoroughly towel drying. No water, No Mess, No Fuss!!