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Brayden Baby Pro Manikin - White Light

by Brayden
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Brayden Baby Pro Manikin. Realistic real-time feedback with The Brayden Online App.

The Brayden Baby Pro CPR manikin has been developed in conjunction with leading members of the European Resuscitation Community in pre-hospital, hospital, university and voluntary sectors, The Brayden Pro provides healthcare professionals with quantitative data driven feedback.

Ideal for Paediatric BLS, EPALS and EPILS, with a CPR scenario mode that allows training via an infant cardiac arrest situation.

Brayden Baby can also be used for Newborn Life Support (NLS) programs as well as Paediatric BLS.

You can also run an infant cardiac arrest scenario. The manikin’s brachial pulse (left arm) simulates the need for chest compressions on an infant with a bradycardic pulse rate.

The Brayden Baby Pro is the first infant CPR manikin that provides real-time visual feedback using intuitive lights to allow good quality ventilations and chest compressions.

  • Allows correct compression to 1/3 of the depth (AP distance) of manikin (4 cm)
  • Realistic, large Occiput so the baby lies with its head in the correct position (in flexion)
  • Open and connected mouth and nose for added realism when ventilating
  • The airway is only open when the head is positioned in the correct ‘neutral’ position
  • Jaw mechanism mimics the action of a real baby for an accurate jaw thrust/lift manoeuvre

Designed for health care professionals, The Brayden Baby Pro CPR training manikin provides numeric, quantitative data driven feedback via Bluetooth link to a free App for use on tablet or smart phone.

Brayden is equipped with three sets of interrelated LED lights that illuminate in direct relation to the depth and rate of compressions that clearly illustrates the overall the quality of CPR being performed.

Being able to see the how CPR is having a direct effect on the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain increases the speed at which skills can be both learned and retained. This ultimately increases confidence and competence in CPR skills.

These lights help guide the student to perform correct ventilation technique and good quality chest compressions as it is essential that both these key component parts of infant CPR are performed to the highest level in real life to help optimise survival.

Connect to the extensive Brayden Online App.

The Brayden app is free and can be used on any mobile, tablet or PC, allowing students and instructors to obtain immediate feedback of performance using objective and numeric data that will help improve the quality of CPR performance.

Available on iOS devices & Android. Download here from the App Store & Play Store.

Brayden Pro - The professional standard for Infant CPR training.

The Bluetooth link to the free Brayden Online App can be used on any tablet or smart phone, enabling the recording and reporting of all key CPR metrics in real-time;

  • Compression depth
  • Rate
  • Hand position
  • Release ventilation
  • Volume ventilation rate
  • Hands-off chest time
  • Chest compression fraction

The use of the free Brayden Online App together with the Brayden Baby Pro manikin greatly enhances overall training, giving immediate guidance to the quality of compressions, any trends as well as a permanent record of what has been achieved or needs improving.

The immediate feedback of performance using objective and numeric data will help improve the quality of CPR performance for every student. Performance results can be discussed during the post-training debriefing to aid overall student understanding, knowledge and recognition of when CPR is needed.

Fully compliant with AHA and ERC 2015 guidelines.

An effective training tool.

The Brayden Pro CPR manikin helps to build student confidence and aims to increase understanding of the correct procedures and aid knowledge and recognition of when a casualty needs CPR.

Three interrelated sets of red LED lights allow the student to visualise the correct steps of CPR whilst also giving real time feedback and CPR performance via the Brayden App to showcase an accurate indication of how the steps of CPR are best followed with feedback.

Cleverly highlighting the path that oxygenated blood takes to the brain, this visual aid improves the time it takes for someone to learn CPR, ultimately speeding up the emergency care process.

Developed with advice from leading clinicians and professionals, The Brayden CPR manikin is anatomically correct and visually feels very realistic giving trainees the best environment to learn in.

Real-time training lights.

Brayden Advanced Adult Light Explainer - Red LightBrayden Pro

Highly realistic & anatomically correct.

Oral and nasal passages allow for a realistic nose pinch together with reactive chest movement with correct ventilation. The head tilts and chin lifts to allow for effective airway opening as part of training.

During training, students never come in to contact with exhaled air thanks to the air vent that allows air to exit at the back of the manikin’s head. This reduces the risk of cross contamination.

Main features include:

  • Oral and nasal passages which allow for a realistic nose pinch
  • Highly realistic chest movement with correct ventilation
  • Head tilt and chin lift for opening airway
  • Anatomically correct
  • Harmless, latex-free skin
  • Easy AED training pad removal
  • RoHS & REACH compliant
  • See real time CPR performance on your phone or tablet
  • Free carry case with training mat included

Supplied with:

  • x1 Brayden Baby Pro CPR Manikin
  • x2 Spare Face Pieces
  • x2 Spare Lung Bags
  • x10 Face shields
  • x4 AA batteries
  • x1 Carry case
  • x1 Integrated training mat

PLEASE NOTE: No tablet or any other electronical device is supplied with this set.