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Medscope are delighted to stock the leading global manufacturer of medical stethoscopes, 3m™ Littmann®. Medscope’s selection of high-end, precision stethoscopes are designed to meet the needs of a demanding clinical environment, delivering on quality and price.

Range of 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscopes at Medscope

With 80 years’ experience in design and innovation, Littmann® is a brand you can trust to deliver on precision and performance. Medscope’s extensive range of Littmann® stethoscopes are available in a variety of different colours for your individual preference and come with an excellent warranty authorised by Littmann® themselves.

Littmann ® stethoscopes are used as a diagnostic tool during a physical, cardiology assessment of a patient; they are professional choice for auscultation, due to their outstanding acoustic ability, latex-free, long life tubing and comfort touch ear tips.

Littmann stethoscopes

  • Neonatal & Paediatric
    • A selection of stethoscopes ergonomically designed for the physical assessment, monitoring and diagnosis of small babies and children. Featuring dual-sided chest pieces with small diaphragms and non-chill rims to provide extra patient comfort.
  • Electronic
    • Highest quality stethoscope that uses digital technology to improve diagnosis. Featuring impressive recording ability that can be heard automatically through the stethoscope or transmitted wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. Ideal for teaching hospitals.
  • Classic III
    • The classic range of stethoscopes are recommended for entry level medical students. Featuring two-sided chest pieces, dual tuneable diaphragms and improved next-generation tubing.
  •  Cardiology IV
    • Cardiology graded with one of the best acoustic performances in the market. Available in 10 different colour options and designed with versatile dual-sided chest pieces, tuneable diaphragms, and next-generation long life tubing. The Cardiology IV stethoscope is available with 7 years warranty.

If you are unsure as to which stethoscope you think is best for you, feel free to give our sales team a call, and we will gladly talk you through our options. Medscope offers competitive prices and excellent customer service!

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