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We are delighted to stock a range of ophthalmoscopes, from leading brands such as Welch Allyn and Riester. Our knowledgeable Customer Service team are happy to help you choose your ideal ophthalmoscope.

The History of Ophthalmology

The Ophthalmoscope was first introduced in 1851, by Hermann von Helmholtz a Professor of Physiology, as the first device for examining the interior of the human eye and was named the ‘eye mirror’.

The Ophthalmoscope is an instrument used by medical professionals to examine the human eye during patient check-ups and provides GPs and Doctors with a detailed prognosis. The modern technology and innovative, ergonomic designs make the Ophthalmoscope a key Diagnostic tool for Medical professionals.

Medscope stock the leading medical brands and manufacturers of Ophthalmoscopes:

  • Welch Allyn - founded in 1951, a popular American manufacturer that applies pioneering technology to every product.
  • Riester- founded in 1948 in Germany, a manufacturer that produces diagnostic devices of the highest standard for medical professionals.
  • Keeler- founded in 1917 in the UK, their diagnostic equipment combines optical precision, high quality illumination and ergonomic design.

Medscope offer a great range of Ophthalmoscopes and Diagnostic equipment to ensure you have the best tool for the job, from high-end to budget, Medscope deliver on quality and price.

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