Medical Scales & Measurement


Medscope are proud to offer a great range of Medical Scales to suit all requirements, from home use to hospital scales, Medscope deliver on quality and price. Weighing patients is an essential role in medical assessment, therefore requiring a high degree of accuracy and reliability is crucial.

Range of Scales at Medscope

At Medscope we stock an extensive range, from lightweight floor scales, baby & infant scales through to high-capacity wheelchair and portable bed scales. Leading brands we stock:

  • Marsden Scales
    • British Manufacturer founded around 90 years ago, the leading supplier of weighing equipment and scales to the NHS. All Marsden scales are Class III approved.
    •  Marsden’s wide range includes a portable wheelchair scale, body composition and BMI scale, an ergonomically designed baby scale with removable weighing pan through to a ‘4 pad’ high capacity scale of 1000kg with HOLD and TARE functions- suitable for bariatric and geriatric patients that are unable to get out of bed.

    Seca Scales

  • Established in 1840 in Germany, Seca is dedicated to providing high-precision, modern scales and measuring systems around the world.
  • Seca’s wide range of Class III approved measuring equipment includes a circumference measuring tape, electronic baby scales with wireless results transmission, a portable height measure, through to floor scales with a mother/child TARE function- allowing infants and children to be weighed while being held by their parents.

Medscope are proud to stock a variety of medical scales to suit every budget and need, from home use to supplying hospitals and GPs surgeries, our Customer Service Team are always on hand to guide you through your buying process and help find the device that best meets your requirements.

Medical Scales & Measurement
Seca 224 Telescopic Measuring Rod for Seca Column Scales
£78.00 £65.00 £72.46 £60.38
Soehnle 8320 Baby scales with fold function
£143.36 £119.47
Soehnle Baby Scales
£69.02 £57.52
Soehnle 9202.10/9203.10 Compact Veterinary Scales
£79.64 £66.37
Seca Colorata 760 Red
£94.80 £79.00
Seca 354 Lena Electronic Baby Scales with fine graduation
£118.80 £99.00
Out of stock
Seca Colorata 760 Midnight Blue
£94.80 £79.00
Out of stock
Marsden Carry case  scales
£36.00 £30.00
Out of stock
Marsden Body Composition Scale with Printer
£834.00 £695.00
Out of stock
Marsden Bed Scale/ 4 Pad Weighing Scale
£2,940.00 £2,450.00
Out of stock
Marsden Portable Wheelchair Scale with Column Indicator
£1,164.00 £970.00
Out of stock
Marsden Portable Trolley Wheelchair Scale with BMI
£1,800.00 £1,500.00 £1,558.80 £1,299.00
Marsden High Capacity Medical Chair Scale
£648.35 £540.29
Out of stock
Marsden Portable Digital BMI Scale
£335.34 £279.45
Marsden Digital High Capacity Scale
£270.00 £225.00
Out of stock
Baby Scale with Digital Height Rod
£402.00 £335.00
Out of stock
Marsden Portable Baby & Toddler Scale
£288.00 £240.00
Out of stock

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