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Medscope offer a great range of Diagnostic Sets to ensure you have the best tool for the job, from high-end to budget, Medscope deliver on quality and price.

Commonly seen in GPs surgeries, hospitals and ENT specialists, Diagnostic sets traditionally consist of the Otoscope and the Ophthalmoscope and provide all your diagnostic needs in one place, offering a convenient space saving solution. The Diagnostic sets can be found as a wall-mounted options, desktop sets or as individual instruments.

Medscope’s Favourite Diagnostic Sets


With 10 years’ experience, Medscope has cultivated an excellent range of diagnostic sets for Healthcare Professionals from Students through to ENT specialists.

Here are a few of our favourite Diagnostic Set Suppliers;

  • Welch Allyn
    • Founded in 1951
    • Popular American manufacturer that applies pioneering technology to every product
    • Riester Diagnostic Sets
      • This German manufacturer has an excellent range of entry level diagnostic sets
      • They sell both otoscope sets with 2 different handles or diagnostic sets that include both otoscope and ophthalmoscopes
      • Riester also have wall diagnostic sets to store your diagnostic equipment in one place and prevent theft in a busy surgery as well as mobile diagnostic sets that are both lightweight and portable
      • Keeler
        • Keeler combine efficiency with over 100 years’ experience in designing diagnostic equipment
        • Medscope stock their range of diagnostic sets that are perfect for ENT specialists and come in a handy corded set for security


A Brief History of Diagnostic Sets

The Otoscope and the Ophthalmoscope trace back to the 1300s and 1800s and have since become a pivotal part of medical diagnostics today. Diagnostic equipment assists Medical Professionals with examination of the ears, eyes and throat during routine check-ups and assists with diagnosis of infection and more severe conditions such as brain tumours.

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