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Blood Pressure Monitors

Here at Medscope we stock a range of Blood Pressure Monitors, including Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors, Digital Blood Pressure Monitors, Sphygmomanometers and Blood Pressure Cuffs.

We even stock a Waiting Room Blood Pressure Monitor which allows patients to take their own readings, cutting down on appointment times. This blood pressure monitor can also be used in an office or care home setting.

Medscope stock the leading medical brands and manufacturers of Blood Pressure Monitors:

  • Welch Allyn - founded in 1951, a popular American manufacturer that applies pioneering technology to every product.
  • Omron- established by Kazuma Tateishi in 1933, a Medical Equipment manufacturer well-known for its advanced technology.
  • A&D- Tokyo based manufacturer of high-standard medical measurement equipment founded in 1977.

 Medscope offer a great range of Otoscopes and Diagnostic equipment to ensure you have the best tool for the job, from high-end to budget, Medscope deliver on quality and price.

The History of Blood Pressure Monitors

The study of the circulation of blood around the human body has been ongoing for many years, once the correlation between heart rate and pulse was discovered, it was then possible to determine blood pressure. Stephen Hales recorded the first ever blood pressure measurement on a horse in 1733.

In 1881 Samuel Siegfried Karl Ritter von Basch invented the first Sphygmomanometer that consisted of a rubber bulb that was filled with water to restrict blood flow in the artery. The bulb was then connected to a mercury column, which would translate the pressure required to obscure the pulse into millimetres of mercury.

In 1896, the device was further improved by Scipione Riva-Rocci. Improvements included a cuff that could be placed around the arm to apply even pressure.

Further improvements were made in 1905 when Russian Dr. Nikolai Korotkoff discovered the difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure which is now standard in blood pressure measurement.

Blood Pressure Monitors of today feature advanced technology and are available with a range of features that help to monitor hypertension. Devices are highly accurate and can also detect risk of stroke and irregular heartbeat; they are portable and are available in digital and traditional mercurial measurements.

blood pressure monitor
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