Sunflower® Medical Furniture

Sunflower® Medical Furniture

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£372.00 £310.00 £333.84 £278.20
£381.60 £318.00 £342.42 £285.35
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£372.00 £310.00 £333.84 £278.20
£381.60 £318.00 £342.42 £285.35

Sunflower® Medical Furniture

Based in Yorkshire, Sunflower® Medical is the UK’s leading manufacturer of healthcare furniture that undertakes its design, manufacturing, assembly and distribution of all products from one site. Through innovative design and continuous development, Sunflower® Medical offers a functional, durable, stylish and aesthetically pleasing range of healthcare furniture.

All products are designed to be maintenance free and use high quality components for a long life. Sunflower® Medical has a wide range of furniture products including Medical Trolleys, Dressing Trolleys, Medical Chairs & Couches, Examination Stools & Chairs, Mobile Screens, Bins and much more.

Sunflower® Medical products are made to order and are available in a range of colours to suit every individual style. Each product has a range of additions that ensure it will work best in your practice.

Here at Medscope we are delighted to work very closely with a UK brand and love Sunflower's attention to detail and wide range of options they offer. Give Medscope a call today on 01285  644 448 to discuss the Sunflower Medical range, we would be delighted to talk you through the best options for your practice.

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