Elite Bags
Full range of Elite Medical Bags. Including doctor bags, first aid bags, sports therapy bags,

Elite Bags

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Elite Bags

Elite Bags™

Medscope are delighted to work with Elite Bags™ who have established themselves as global leaders in the Medical Bag market.

Elite are based in Spain and supply their bags globally to 50 countries. Elite’s wide range of medical bags are both stylish and practical.

Elite Bags™ have a wide range of bags that are designed to suit medical professionals, they are committed to the most practical designs and involve medics in the design of their bags.

Elite create bags both for professional use and for home use.

Medscope’s Favourite Elite Bags™

 Emergency Bags

Elite have a wide range of bags for emergency response, from fire fighters to paramedic bags. The bags are both sturdy and lightweight so are easy to carry for any emergency. The useful pockets are designed so that poor organisation doesn’t hinder quick response times.

Diabetic Bags

Elite have produced a wide range of designs and sizes in their diabetic bag range to suit all personalities. The discreet bags are space saving and well organised so they can be used quickly and efficiently. Designs include children specific designs as well as a range of colours.

GP Leather Bags

Designed in supple leather, these bags are a sophisticated way to transport all the essentials needed for a GP to carry out home visits.

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