Bristol Maid Medical Furniture

Bristol Maid Medical Furniture

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Bristol Maid Medical Furniture

Bristol Maid have been producing high quality medical furniture for over 65 years and are dedicated to producing both high quality and innovative medical furniture. Bristol Maid pride themselves on producing market leading products that are fit for purpose, easy to use, reliable and above all else represent value for money.

Medscope & Bristol Maid

Here at Medscope we are delighted to stock the full range of Bristol Maid Furniture, if there is anything from Bristol Maid in particular you are interested in then please get in contact with us to see if we can source it for you. Our Medscope Customer Service Team have a great relationship with Bristol Maid, they will place orders with Bristol Maid so they can create your chosen item. All Bristol Maid Furniture is made to order and Bristol Maid will deliver your furniture themselves to ensure it’s safe and reliable transport.

Our Bristol Maid Top Picks

Bristol Maid’s range is certainly comprehensive, it’s hard for us to pick a particular favourite! But this month we think that the Bristol Maid drug and medicine cabinets provide you with a discreet option that gives you confidence in storing your medical equipment. Similarly, the Bristol Maid Medical Record drawers are portable and secure, allowing you to quickly organise while on the move. These top choices are constantly changing as Bristol Maid’s range is so vast! But from linen holders, bins and sack holders to the Bristol Maid range of couches and bedside furniture, there is everything you would need to fit out a Hospital, GP surgery or Care Home facility. s.
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