3M™ Littmann®
Medscope is proud to be an authorised distributor of Littmann® Stethoscopes. Colours and finishes to suit every style and iconic Littmann® quality.

3M™ Littmann®

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3M™ Littmann®

3M™ Littmann®

Littmann® is the name that has become synonymous with stethoscopes all over the world which is just one of the reasons we love stocking the full Littmann® range.

Littman Stethoscopes – Global Leaders

Littmann’s dedication to improving their iconic stethoscope is unwavering. Their whole ethos revolves around R&D and this shines through in their designs. Under the umbrella of the giant 3M™ brand, the Littmann employees are encouraged to research their own passions as well as the company’s. This, in part has resulted in Littmann’s constant evolution to the fantastic stethoscope we see on Medscope’s shelves today.

Littmann Range

Littmann’s range spans an option for your entire career. Here are the key Littmann® stethoscopes that we sell at Medscope
  • Littmann® Electronic Stethoscopes
  • Littmann® Cardiology Stethoscope
  • Littmann® Classic Stethoscopes
  • Littmann® Paediatric Stethoscope

The History of the Littman® Stethoscope

From the stethoscope’s humble beginnings in 1816 when French physician Rene Laennec used a long, rolled paper tube to improve his hearing of the patient’s chest to the modern day Littmann® stethoscope range which have revolutionised diagnostic practice, the stethoscope has come a long way over the last 200 years!

1816 – French Physician Rene Laennec invents the first stethoscope – A long rolled paper tube that funnelled the sound from the patient’s chest to his ear

1841 – American George P. Canman developed the first stethoscope with an earpiece for each ear

1960 – Dr David Littmann - a Harvard Medical School professor, distinguished cardiologist and recognized international authority on electrocardiography, patented a revolutionary new stethoscope with vastly improved acoustical performance. He helped to transform a simple listening device into a powerful diagnostic tool. 3M™ acquired Dr Littmann's stethoscope business a few years later and continued to refine and improve on his designs.

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