AmnioSense™ - Amniotic Fluid Detection Pads (Box of 50)

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AmnioSense™ - Amniotic Fluid Detector Pads

These easy to use amniotic fluid detector pads look just like a normal sanitary towel but can detect the presence of amniotic fluid from 36 weeks.

AmnioSense™ - Amniotic Fluid Detector Pads Features

  • Unique detector strip
  • As accurate as hospital based tests*
  • Easy to use – results in 10 minutes
  • Can be used from 36 weeks

Information on AmnioSense™

One challenge that many expectant mothers experience is urinary incontinence and wetness. Research by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Royal College of Midwives confirms that one in three women (34%) experiences urinary incontinence during pregnancy. While this can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, there is no danger for either mother or baby.1

However, a ‘leak’ can be a sign of a premature rupture of the amniotic sac, which presents a risk to both mother and child, and may require urgent medical attention. Estimates vary, and are complicated by differing definitions of PROM in the UK and US, but as many as one in ten pregnancies is complicated by PROM — premature rupture of the membranes2 — and in three out of five cases women go into labour within 24 hours.3 But as there is no way of predicting who will go into labour, it is crucial to confirm whether the dampness is amniotic fluid, or not.

Now there is a simple DIY diagnostic at home test which offers evidence-based answers for amniotic leaks - AmnioSense™.

This report, from the PROM Education and Advisory Panel explores the risks, research and realities surrounding the problem of PROM and prolonged PROM, and reveals how AmnioSense provides the clear guidance women need when they suspect a rupture or their labour is on the way.

As Baroness Julia Cumberlege, chair of the recent National Maternity Review, pointed out: “Women have made it abundantly clear to us that they want to be in control of their care, in partnership with their healthcare professionals.” 4

Community Midwife, Emma Herbert says: “AmnioSense gives women control by providing a simple, effective, at-home test which allows them to differentiate between a pregnancy anxiety and a complication where medical review is needed urgently.”

“Increasing awareness of this proven diagnostic test, AmnioSense, could help prevent unnecessary attendances at overstretched maternity assessment centres and Accident and Emergency Departments.”

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