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Medical Furniture

Full range of Medical furniture including Medical couches, and waiting room chairs, Trolleys and Mobile screens.

Looking for medical furniture? Choose from our professional medical furniture range this April that is both affordable and of exceptional quality.

Our medical furniture is custom built and made to order in a range of colours, finishes and styles.

Read more about Medical Furniture

Medscope Medical's range of furniture is of the highest quality and used in many hospitals and surgeries in the UK. Along with the NHS we supply medical furniture to private practices as well as ship all over the world.

Our top selling medical furniture products are medical trolleys, dressing trolleys, medical notes trolleys and doctors / examination couches.

Our Medical Furniture range includes:-

We offer medical healthcare furniture from leading brands, including including Sunflower Medical Furniture, Plinth medical furniture, Bristol Maid Medical Furniture.

Medscope have been medical furniture suppliers to various hospitals, doctors' surgeries, dentists, primary care centres, veterinary surgeries, laboratories and continue to be one of the leading medical furniture providers in the UK.

Professional medical healthcare furniture delivered straight to Hospitals, Doctors surgeries, Dentists, Primary Care Centres, Veterinary Surgeries, Laboratories and Pharmacies.

Why buy Medical Furniture from Medscope Medical?

We have been selling medical healthcare furniture online for the last 10 years with a highly experienced team of UK based advisors to help you choose the right products for your hospital and/or surgery. If you have any questions about our medical furniture range, email us on Or contact our medical furniture specialists on 01285 644 448.

This April we have been analysing our competitors to make sure that our extensive range of medical furniture is the most competitively priced.

Order your medical furniture before Monday 23rd April 2018 to qualify for dispatch within one business day. If however, you medical furniture is a special order item it may take longer but our friendly sales advisors will inform you if there are any delays in fulfilling the order for your medical health care furniture.



Medical Furniture > Accessories

Furniture accessories including Steps, Chairs, carry Cases and Mirrors.

Category: Medical Furniture


Administration Furniture

Medical Furniture > Administration Furniture

Professional Office Furniture. Desks and Chairs Suitable for the Medical Office

Category: Medical Furniture


Bariatric Furniture

Medical Furniture > Bariatric Furniture

Bariatric Furniture including Mobility aids and seating

Category: Medical Furniture


Bedside Furniture and Equipment

Medical Furniture > Bedside Furniture and Equipment

Lockable Bedside cabinets, over-bed tables, Drawers and Wardrobes. Ideal Hospital and Nursing home solutions.

Category: Medical Furniture


Chart Trolleys & Equipment

Medical Furniture > Chart Trolleys & Equipment

Chart Trolleys, Holders and Clip boards for bedside use.

Category: Medical Furniture


Concealment Trolleys

Medical Furniture > Concealment Trolleys

Bristol Maid Concealment trolleys, Fixed and Variable Heights.

Category: Medical Furniture


Doctors Couches

Medical Furniture > Doctors Couches

Couches for all budgets. Additional features available on all couches to custom to your needs.

Category: Medical Furniture


Dressing Trolleys

Medical Furniture > Dressing Trolleys

Stainless steel and glass shelved dressing trolleys.

Category: Medical Furniture


Drip Stands and accessories

Medical Furniture > Drip Stands and accessories

Mobile and Fixed Drip stands.

Category: Medical Furniture


Drug and Medicine Storage

Medical Furniture > Drug and Medicine Storage

Lockable Drug and Medicine Cabinets. Double and Single door options.

Category: Medical Furniture


Health and Beauty

Medical Furniture > Health and Beauty

Couches for Health and Beauty professionals

Category: Medical Furniture


Linen Trolleys & Bags

Medical Furniture > Linen Trolleys & Bags

Stainless Steel and Mild Steel Trolleys and Hampers. Various sizes available

Category: Medical Furniture


Maternity Equipment

Medical Furniture > Maternity Equipment

Maternity Trolleys, Bed Cribs and Bathing Trolleys

Category: Medical Furniture


Medicine Dispensing Trolleys

Medical Furniture > Medicine Dispensing Trolleys

Dispensing trolleys with small to high capacity, including ward medicine trolleys and monitored dosage systems.

Category: Medical Furniture


Medical Furniture Accessories and Dispensers

Medical Furniture > Medical Furniture Accessories and Dispensers

Accessories for Bristol Maid, Sunflower and Plinth Furniture

Category: Medical Furniture


Medical Records

Medical Furniture > Medical Records

Small, Medium and Large Record Trolleys for Case notes and X-Rays.

Category: Medical Furniture


Portering Chairs

Medical Furniture > Portering Chairs

Bristol Maid Portering Chairs with Front or Rear Steering.

Category: Medical Furniture


Mobile Folding Screens

Medical Furniture > Mobile Folding Screens

Fun colours and patterns. Mobile folding screens of various Panel sizes.

Category: Medical Furniture



Medical Furniture > Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy and Treatment Chairs. Full Colour Range.

Category: Medical Furniture


Podiatry Chairs

Medical Furniture > Podiatry Chairs

Electronic and Hydraulic Podiatry Chairs. Split Leg and Tilting Options. Full Colour Range

Category: Medical Furniture


Procedure Trolleys

Medical Furniture > Procedure Trolleys

Stainless and Mild Steel Procedure Trolleys. Multiple Tray options.

Category: Medical Furniture



Medical Furniture > Seating

Gas-Lift chairs, stools and Stackable Waiting room chairs in a wide range of colours.

Category: Medical Furniture


Sterile Service Equipment

Medical Furniture > Sterile Service Equipment

Preparation Tables and Sterile supplies Tolley by Bristol Maid

Category: Medical Furniture


Storage Cabinets

Medical Furniture > Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets for under bench and wall hanging. Suitable for first aid,Keys or personal effects.

Category: Medical Furniture


Surgical Trolleys

Medical Furniture > Surgical Trolleys

Stainless steel and Glass shelved Surgical Trolleys made with high Quality, easy to clean materials.

Category: Medical Furniture


Theatre Equipment

Medical Furniture > Theatre Equipment

Stainless steel Theatre equipment including bowl stands, bucket stands, operating platforms and adjustable Mayo tables.

Category: Medical Furniture


Vista Trolleys

Medical Furniture > Vista Trolleys

Vistra Trolleys. Mulitple tray options.

Category: Medical Furniture


Waste Management

Medical Furniture > Waste Management

Bins with colour codes lids by Bristol Maid and Sunflower

Category: Medical Furniture