Heine Dermatoscopes

Dermatology > Heine Dermatoscopes

Heine Delta 20 Dermatoscope sets. Various Handle options.

Category: Dermatology


Welch Allyn Dermatoscopes

Dermatology > Welch Allyn Dermatoscopes

Welch Allyn Dermatoscopes with Handle options.

Category: Dermatology


Riester Dermatoscopes

Dermatology > Riester Dermatoscopes

Riester Ri-Derma Dermatoscope.

Category: Dermatology


Magnifiers and UV Lights

Dermatology > Magnifiers and UV Lights

Hand held magnifiers and uv Lights including Woods light ideal for detection of skin disorders.

Category: Dermatology


Magnification Loupes

Dermatology > Magnification Loupes

Modern Compact Design - The advanced, compact and functional design makes it easier to look past the optics when an unmagnified view is preferred.

Category: Dermatology


Dino-lite Dermascopes

Dermatology > Dino-lite Dermascopes

Dino-Lite DermaScope Polarizer allows the skin surface to be examined in detail and offers excellent image clarity

Category: Dermatology


Opticlar Dermatoscopes

Dermatology > Opticlar Dermatoscopes

Category: Dermatology


Dermatoscope accessories

Dermatology > Dermatoscope accessories

Category: Dermatology


Skin Procedures

Dermatology > Skin Procedures

Skin Rejuvenation including Tattoo, Hair Removal and Face lifts. Treatments for Acne, Pigmentation, Blemishes scars and Lesions.

Category: Dermatology

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