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Blizzard Survival Jacket

Blizzard Survival Jacket

The Blizzard Survival Jacket is a unique garment with a tiny packed size. This unique, life-saving Reflexcell™ jacket is a must-have for every emergency kit. This thigh-length, body warmer with a hood also allows 100% mobility.

The Blizzard Survival Jacket is a unique garment with a tiny packed size. A thigh-length body warmer with a hood, made from Reflexcell™ material, it enables the wearer to be protected and re-warmed whilst remaining completely mobile.

It is warm enough for the coldest conditions, and unlike lighter products, does not easily tear or blow away.
  • Large extended hood protects against wind and rain.
  • Elasticated lower hem.
  • Reinforced arm holes.
  • One size fits child to fully clothed large adult. 
  • Warmth: 8 Togs, equal to a quilted jacket.
  • Weather protection: fully waterproof and windproof.
  • Storage: jackets may be stored indefinitely, and are not affected by temperature or moisture, either during storage or in use.
  • Portability: the jacket's small size and light weight make them easy to carry, whether as personal safety equipment, or for rapid deployment in emergencies involving large groups of people.
  • Re-usability: jackets can be re-used many times without loss of performance.

  • Size (vacuum packed): 15 x 11 x 3 cm.
  • Volume: 0.5 litres.
  • Weight: 240 grams.
  • Size: (unpacked) 1.15 metres - one size fits all. 

Emergency Services

The Blizzard Survival Jacket is a vital piece of equipment for many situations in which people need to be kept warm, or treated immediately for chilling and hypothermia. It is unique in its combination of light weight and excellent thermal performance, whilst allowing wearers total freedom of movement.

Applications include everything from military deployment, marine and mountain rescue, to civil evacuations and disasters.

Blizzard Survival Jackets are particularly valuable in situations involving 'walking wounded'. They are equally useful for bystanders at accidents, who often become severely chilled whilst everyone’s attention is focussed on the casualty.

Our Jackets are increasingly being chosen as standard equipment by military users, emergency services, civil emergency planners, medical authorities and rescue teams.

Outdoor Sports

Many walkers, climbers, cavers, canoeists, mountain rescue teams, ski mountaineers, adventure racers and others carry the Blizzard Survival Jackets as a safety product in case of accidents or emergencies.

By carrying a few Blizzard Survival Jackets, a group leader can give instant help to individuals at risk of developing Hypothermia, without having to stop the whole group, or disrupt the day’s activities. Rescue teams carry Blizzard Jackets to deal with this eventuality before it makes a bad situation worse.

Motoring & Working Outdoors

The Blizzard Survival Jacket is the ideal personal safety equipment for motorists and workers who may be stranded in remote locations - particularly if they need to retain movement in order to seek help or operate other equipment.


This very compact piece of personal protection is ideal for use by special operations units.

Hot tips

If the user's arms are brought inside the garment it will be even warmer. The hands can then be used to close the front opening of the hood, creating a mini personal tent. You can now eat, drink or map-read in a warm, sheltered environment. If you sit or squat down, the jacket can be pulled down to cover almost the entire body.

Blizzard Survival Jacket

Code: FEN64870

£27.00 £32.40 (inc vat)

Blizzard Survival Bag - Silver

Code: FEN64861

£33.00 £39.60 (inc vat)

Blizzard Survival Blanket

Code: FEN64900

£27.00 £32.40 (inc vat)

Category: First Response and Emergency